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Filter Fashion

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 7, 2017, 10:29 AM
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:star: My first personal project as a photographer :star:

I have uploaded all photos of the series into my gallery over the past two weeks and will upload outtakes with the models over the next few weeks, I hope you like them :)

If you haven't yet, you can see what the whole project here:…

I originally come from drawing but never saw myself be an illustrator for a living. I started photography as a hobby while studying fashion design, the two things naturally merged and I ended up a fashion photographer.

Why am I mentioning this? The job "fashion photographer" got serious hype over the past couple years and tons of new photographers came from it. I was one of them.
So how do you define yourself in a sea of people doing the same thing as you? 

= personal style

Filter Fashion in Milan by silkephoto   Filter Fashion in London by silkephoto  Filter Fashion in Amsterdam by silkephoto  Filter Fashion in Berlin by silkephoto  Filter Fashion in Paris by silkephoto  Filter Fashion in Barcelona by silkephoto

I admire photographers or any artists that easily develop their personal and distinguishable style over time. Whether it was about drawing, fashion design or photography, no matter how much I practice and define my skills, creating a unique style has always been a struggle for me.

That's why I did FilterFashion

After photographing for about 6 years now, I wanted to do something that came from me, personally.
I love shooting magazine editorials or client's commissions and while both leave me a lot of freedom to bring my personal taste into it, with a project like FilterFashion I had entire control. 

I feel like it got me a step forward and defined the twisted road that professional creatives walk a bit more.

Aside from my personal achievement, what about you? How did you like the project? Did you enjoy the photos? Or the video?
Are you also an artist struggling to find your own style? Or did you know from the beginning?
Let me know your thoughts, I love to hear your opinions :)

Filter Fashion in Paris by silkephoto  Filter Fashion in Barcelona by silkephoto  Filter Fashion in London by silkephoto  Filter Fashion in Milan by silkephoto  Filter Fashion in Berlin by silkephoto  Filter Fashion in Amsterdam by silkephoto

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Goals 2017

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 11:16 AM
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in bloom by silkephoto in bloom by silkephoto in bloom by silkephoto

this was my favorite shoot from 2016 :)

My Goal for this year is: CONSISTENCY

Whoever follows my instagram or facebook may have seen that aside from here, I always try to regularly upload on other social media as well. Not always with the same pictures but with daily content of finished photos as well as bts and my personal thoughts. So I'm proud to say I got consistency down when it comes to uploads YEAH! :D 

However, my photography is still lacking just that. 

Personally, I'm someone who's very eager to try new stuff, which is always entertaining but also keeping me from improving the skills I already have :( I featured my favorite shoot from 2016 because with those pictures I tried a new editing style and found a look which I'd like to keep pursuing in the future. 

Don't be surprised that my uploads form now on will be fewer. Uploading newer and older works here on Deviantart  helped me recognize my own growth but by now, I've uploaded almost everything, so what follows will be only new stuff, that still needs to be created :) One project however with tons of new photos I can already promise to be revealed soon! Can't say what it is yet but I photographed over the whole summer for it and can't wait to publish! :D

I hope you started well into the new year! Tell me your goals : )

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Woke up to another Daily Deviation this morning! What's a better way to start the day La la la la 

Again, this came as a total surprise. I just feel like my photography isn't even nearly as close to where I want it to be but things like this keep me going. It makes me feel like I'm on the right way. Given, my model's fashion design that she's wearing in the picture probably played a huge part in this selection :) (Smile) 

Big THANKS to :iconpixel-spotlight: for picking my image, she takes the most wonderful photographs herself, so I'm really honored! And thanks to everyone commenting, faving or viewing it <3
I haven't been up on speed regarding my uploads here so I'll try to catch up soon.
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I got a Daily Deviation! oh wow!!

I was like "where did all these view come from!?" and then "ohmygawd!" :wow:

Thanks so much to :iconpixel-spotlight: for picking my image!
I never expected this and I am so grateful :aww:

I don't like it :(

so so many messages from people. Some super bold "hey, would you like my facebook page?", some first interesting and you're looking for the point of the message until the last line where all the clever talk leads into "so, if that sounds interesting, why not stop by my facebook page and like it"?

well no.

I actually like self-promotion.
I'm more of facebook than a DA person, so when I find a photographer or image I really like, I'm happy when their facebook link is already provided in the description.
I appreciate the easily given option to check out their facebook, twitter, tumblr and whatnot. It's subtle and a good way of marketing.
And I don't feel like I'm having their page squished into my face!

I've already liked pages I've been asked to like because, well, I really liked them! good for you. But by now I feel so repulsed to ever do so again simply because the person behind it already annoyed me so much!
I just feel like it's rude.

I'm a fan of the old school
If you like what I do, I'm happy to have you "like" it. And if you don't like it, don't. That's absolutely fine

The worst are message from people saying "hey, I liked your facebook page, can you please like mine too?"
if you just "like" my page so I would like yours, then I'd rather have you not like it. thanks!


wow, I got all worked up about this just now, but I'm glad I said it.
btw, note that this applies to complete strangers. For friends, I'll definitely "like" whatever they do, cause I want to support them :)
Hi everyone!

Even though I'm not sure if anyone is reading this :)
Just wanted to let you know, I read every comment and appreciate every favorite and watch!

I can't claim myself to be active here, but I check in regularly and I hope it doesn't bother anyone that my uploads are always in bunches.
If you'd like to see more of what I do or also get a glimpse of some more personal stuff, feel free to drop by my official facebook page
I'd be happy to see you around!…

Wishing everyone a happy and successful 2013!

wow, it's become 1000 views and I didn't even notice! Thanks to the 54 deviants watching me already, I'm grateful for every watch, fav and comment. DeviantArt is a huge gallery, being recognized here means a lot to me :)

I hope not to disappoint anyone in the future and would be more than happy to see some of you on my other accounts.
I have a FACEBOOK… with making of photos, events etc.
Or if you're more of a TUMBLR person, covered that too

Just recently I found one of my photographs on tumblr with tons of likes and reblogs. It wasn't reblogged from _my_ tumblr, since that one's not really popular yet but it was from my deviant gallery.
I was surprised seeing a picture that got barely any comments here, being so appreciated on tumblr. I couldn't be happier :D
Tumblr's great for the original-source-system and I'm just glad my stuff's actually viewed so much!

For those who hadn't noticed, inbetween my photographs are also illustrations since drawing was my first creative passion that I already picked up as a child. It's mostly fashion illustration but funny enough, I have A LOT more followers on my ILLUSTRATION TUMBLR than on my photo tumblr, so it might be worth a look haha

on another note; I'm going to NEW YORK!
I'm from germany originally and studying here but for an intership semester I'll live in ny for a few months. My flight's on tuesday and I'm already so excited for this whole experience, the butterfly's are becoming more and more every day :giggle:

If anyone of you is living in ny or happens to be there, say hi! I'd love to meet people, share creative interests and just have a good time and make friends :)

cheers, silke
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